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Forest Fringe Microfestival // SummerWorks
What I learned from a decade of fear // Aluna Theatre
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El Refugio de Freidel | The Refuge of Freidel // Aluna Theatre
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Century Song // Volcano Theatre
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LIFT THAT UP // Dancemakers
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Riding on a Cloud // The Theatre Centre
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Blind Cinema // SummerWorks
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As the Flames Rose We Danced to The Sirens, The Sirens // SummerWorks
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MONOMYTHS // FADO Performance Art Centre
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O // SummerWorks



20 Instructions for a Successful Conversation

A playful conversation format developed by Forest Fringe for a panel of unprepared guest speakers and an audience. Facilitated by Forest Fringe Co-Director Andy Field.  

Live Art Party

For one night, local and international artists will come together to take over The Theatre Centre and fill the building with the unexpected and unconventional. Come kick off the Forest Fringe Microfestival with a party where art emerges where it is least expected.  

Inspiration Exchange

An intimate knowledge and inspiration swapping space developed by Alex Kelly of Third Angel and Forest Fringe in 2011. Join two UK artists and two Canadian artists as they share and discuss stories of things that have inspired them in their practice.

Aluna Theatre’s Interpretation Lab

Aluna Theatre’s team of bilingual theatre-makers work in English and Spanish onstage to explore new approaches to dramatic translation, and to test the possibilities of creating a trans-lingual theatre. Aluna presents a public showing of the type of experiments we’ve been conducting, followed by a conversation with artists and scholars about what they see. Nuestro […]

Cinq à Sept

The Theatre Centre’s monthly Cinq à Sept is turned over to Progress curators’, artists and audiences for an informal discussion of what is needed to bolster Canada’s evolving cultural landscape. What needs to happen for us to regain our presence and impact within international markets? Join us for a re-imagining of what a new Department of […]

Britt Hatzius' Blind Cinema jpeg
Blind Cinema

  In the darkness of a cinema space, the audience sits blindfolded. Behind each row of audience members is a row of children who in hushed voices describe a film only they can see. Accompanied by the soundtrack (which has no dialogue), the whispered descriptions are a fragile, fragmentary and at times struggling but courageous […]

THE SIRENS Image 5 (Alessia Bombaci)
As the Flames Rose We Danced to The Sirens, The Sirens

iara is starting to fear the worst. She’s looking for a roomful of strangers whose arms she can fall into. And while she knows that she cannot necessarily be trusted, and may not be entirely deserving of help, tonight she would like to put herself in your hands… In an hour of troubling intimacy and […]

Forest Fringe_Forest Fringe at the Yard_ Giulia Delprato
Forest Fringe Microfestival

Forest Fringe is an artist-led organisation that creates imaginative and unconventional performance events in the UK and internationally, while fostering the work of a diverse community of writers, theatre makers, musicians, dancers and live artists.They are most well known for the venue they run each year at the Edinburgh Festival, a totally free space that […]

THIS IS HOW WE DIE_web 72dpi_credit Julian Martinez Milla
This Is How We Die

A motor-mouthed collage of spoken word and storytelling. Tales of paranoia, young love and ultra-violence. From the desk of Christopher Brett Bailey comes a spiraling odyssey of pitch-black humour and nightmarish prose. With echoes of Lenny Bruce, William Burroughs, beat poetry and B-movies, This is How We Die is a prime slice of surrealist trash, […]


Refusing to be held down, O presents bodies that are negotiating histories, fantasies and assumptions. A dance that winds its way through the mess of identity politics in a physical unfolding of a realisation of difference. A duet about being black, mixed and female that addresses awkward and uncomfortable everyday experiences. Born out of the […]

History History History_no credit necessary
History History History

“You can sift through photographs and records and and wonder to yourself, who the f*ck were these people, and how long does it take before I can take their tiny, infinitesimal decisions to go for coffee that day, or to wear blue, or to ride horseback, how long does it take before I can take these […]


MONOMYTHS invites a diverse collection of artists, scholars, and activists to revise Joseph Campbell’s conception of the hero’s journey through performance art, lectures, workshops, and other offerings. This new assemblage of non-linear un-narratives proposes a cultural, political and social feminist re-visioning of the world. The MONOMYTHS perception of the universal journey dispels the notion of the […]

The Refuge of Freidel smaller
El Refugio de Freidel | The Refuge of Freidel

From Colombia’s Avant-Garde theatre to Toronto’s after-hours service industry, Liliana puts a face and a name to the refugee experience. Liliana weaves her experiences of forced displacement, arrival, and her journey as an artist in Canada, with the  plays of controversial Colombian theatre-maker, and her director, Jose Manuel Freidel: an artist who fought against his […]

Decade of Fear
What I learned from a decade of fear

Are white privilege, second-class citizenship, surveillance, and interrogation the market price we pay for peace, order, and good government?  What of the lives of others, whose countries are disrupted in the name of our safety and comfort? In an idealistic act of penance, Canadian-born white male Lyon Smith submits to having Colombian-born brown female migrant […]

Riding On A Cloud - Photo courtsey of the artist
Riding on a Cloud

Actor, director, and playwright Rabih Mroué investigates the personal and political legacy of conflict and trauma in Ridingon a Cloud. Intertwining fiction and non-fiction, his brother Yasser Mroué appears on stage as himself, recounting memories from hisexperience of being shot in the head during the Lebanese Civil War. Suffering from aphasia, Yasser was left with […]

Lift That Up

A world premiere featuring the work of Dana Michel, bringing two years of research to the stage amidst her three year-long tenure as Dancemakers Resident Artist:  i am and we then were thinking about: how to get yo life and how to live these skins. and then i and we thought: let’s live some specific […]

Century Song edit
Century Song

Century Song is a live performance hybrid created by the exquisite soprano Neema Bickersteth, and Dora-award winning collaborators Ross Manson (direction) and Kate Alton (choreography). Inspired in part by Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Alice Walker’s In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens, Bickersteth seamlessly melds song and movement to inhabit a century of women whose identities […]


The Forest Fringe Microfestival is a festival within a festival, presenting 4 full-length Forest Fringe performances (twice each) over the course of a weekend. Each Forest Fringe company has been partnered with a Canadian artist, who has been commissioned by one of four Canadian institutions (National Theatre School, Native Earth Performing Arts, The Shaw Festival […]


Latest News

Progress Passes now on sale!

Tickets and Passes for the second annual Progress Festival are now on sale.  Our festival passes are the best way to enjoy everything the 2016 Progress Festival has to offer. Last year passes sold out quickly, so pick yours up TODAY! 3-Show Progress Pass – $50The 3-Show Progress Pass is good for one ticket to your choice of any three ticketed Progress […]

Progress 2015 Highlights
Welcome to Progress 2016

Progress is about bringing multiple conversations and communities together and using a Festival model to imagine a common space that holds multiple conversations under one umbrella. It is a Festival designed in Toronto, for Toronto, with a contemporary model for a modern time; one that enables and encourages a respectful space to investigate and share […]

Progress 2016 Launch Coming Soon

The 2016 Progress Festival programming will be launched on Thursday November 19th. Please join us at The Theatre Centre (1115 Queen St. West) from 5pm-7pm for a drink and to find out what the Festival has in store.